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My story shows how some sample wedding speech kits are better than others and how to find the right one for you

My name is Marc Evans and not that long ago I had to write my own groom wedding speech. I ended up purchasing three wedding speech kits and one of them enabled me to write and deliver a speech that impressed everyone and earned me many flattering comments.

I absolutely dread standing up in front of people and trying to speak to the point where I try to avoid the situation in every way I can, coming up with whatever excuse I can think of. But obviously, when you get married, a groom wedding speech cannot be avoided.

When I sat down and tried to write the speech myself I quickly discovered that I didn’t really know who I should be mentioning or referring to during the speech. As well as that, I couldn’t come up with those warm, heartfelt, sincere expressions that I’d heard in other speeches – my own words were either too soppy or not sincere enough.

So I went looking on the internet for some free examples, thinking they would give me the right words. There were a few sites around, some better than others. I read through a few sample speeches, but, I guess it’s a case of you get what you pay for – generally, the quality of the examples was poor and there was very little information on what my speech needed to address and what the etiquette was for the groom – what did I expect for free?

I resigned myself to having to pay for something that was going to help me out. But, it took me three tries before I found the package that gave me what I was looking for.

The best one that I found wasn’t the one with the nicest looking site and wedding pictures on it – in fact it was the site that had more words than pictures. However, the quality of the speeches in the product was excellent.

Click here to go straight to the WeddingSpeech4U site

I first tried a product from a site called WeddingSpeech.net. This had a lot of toasts and poems but didn’t have any sample speeches. So it is a good product if you’re looking for some short snippets, but not very useful for writing a longer speech.

I then tried Ultimatespeeches.net. This was more like what I was looking for – a number of sample speeches to choose from and mix and match. However, some of the wording didn’t quite suit my style. I would say that the speeches were a little too routine and programmed for my liking – I was looking for something more natural.

Becoming a little frustrated at this point I decided for one more try and came across WeddingSpeech4U which was exactly what I was looking for. The authors obviously knew how to write creative and sensitive wedding speeches to suit the occasion and they worded things very much like what I thought sounded like me.

So beware, all wedding speech products are not the same – the ability of the authors is the key. There are several products that give you speeches but you want good, heartfelt, sincere speeches, not just run of the mill ordinary ones.

The WeddingSpeech4U package has 20 professionally written speeches for you to use. I personally mixed and matched 4 different speeches to put together my speech, taking the parts that I liked and cutting out the passages that didn’t sound like they came from me. The end result was a speech that impressed all that were present and got me plenty of flattering comments afterwards. Once I knew I had delivered a knockout speech, all I had to do was kick back and enjoy the rest of what was one of the best days of my life.

And this product is not just for the groom. There are six different roles in the wedding to choose from, each with its own list of speeches at your disposal.

In addition to the 20 speeches, the package included a comprehensive guide to the duties of groom (or whatever role you have) and an audio tool to help you with your confidence when delivering the speech. It also includes an email consultation with the expert authors. I didn’t use this myself, but the idea is that you send them your speech and they will critique it and give you some tips for improvement.

Everything comes as an easy-to-read PDF that you will have on your computer to work with within a few minutes of purchase.

So, in my opinion and going by my own experience, I recommend that you give WeddingSpeech4U a try if you need some help writing any type of wedding speech. It took me a fair bit of time to get from starting to write the speech myself, to looking for freebies on the internet and then trying two other products before finding this one, so I hope that you have found my story before you’ve wasted too much time.. There is a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with the package.

Cheers and Good Luck

Click here to go straight to the WeddingSpeech4U site

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Dec 29

Traditionally, the father of the bride speech is first, followed by the groom’s father, the groom and then the best man speech. Messages or telegrams are also read out by the groomsmen and best man.

These days, however, tradition is not always followed. Often,  both parents of the bride and groom, the bride herself and the maid of honor will also give a speech. So really, anything goes.

It’s a good idea if an experienced public speaker delivers the first speech, to settle the guests, handle any loud guests and set the mood for the following speeches.

Wedding speeches examples provide further advice in these areas.

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Dec 23

A sample wedding speech is something that I found very useful for planning my wedding day. They can be  used as a checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten an important part of your speech or even give you some prompts if you have no idea what you should say in your wedding speech. If you’re anything like me,  public speaking of any kind is stressful beyond belief.

Adding a personal touch to wedding speech examples

The best wedding speech always have a personal touch which is unique to you. It’s ideal if you can find a sample wedding speech which is designed for you to fill in the blanks or cut and paste passages from entertaining speeches. This type of sample is available on the internet, whereby you are given wedding speeches examples formats and suggestions about things like

–         People you should thank

–         Amusing one liners

–         Ways to express what you feel

–         Jokes – especially for the best man wedding speech

–         The length of your speech

–         Tips for delivery of your wedding speech

Whether you are delivering a groom wedding speech, like I was, or some other speech like a best man speech or even a wedding toast, knowing what the traditional elements of that speech are, in an ordered layout, is a big time saver.

You can find a sample wedding speech on the internet like I did. A good example wedding speech will also give you other tips and suggestions for your big day.

Trying to write great wedding speeches is not as important as making sure you don’t deliver a bad speech, because everyone remembers a bad one. Referring to wedding speech samples helps to find the right way to express yourself to ensure that you please everyone.

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Dec 20


Bride and groom should review each others bride and groom wedding speech for two main reasons. Firstly, to make sure they don’t contradict each other and secondly, to ensure they don’t repeat each other too much

 Using a little Humor

We all like a little humor, especially when listening to a speech – but what if you can’t come up with a humorous speech. A good sample wedding speech includes standard one liners or funny passages for you to note down and read out in your speech.

 Plan Ahead

Make sure you plan to write your speech well before you think you might need to. Leaving it to the last minute can make the whole process more stressful than it really should be. Wedding speech examples can be a good way to jump start you if you’re having trouble getting started.

 Other Tips

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to write a long speech. People always remember a long boring speech. As long as you mention the few things that are expected of you, your speech doesn’t need to be very long.

Each type of speech traditionally refers to certain things. For example, the groom wedding speech should compliment the maid of honor whilst the father of the groom wedding speech focuses mainly on the bride and groom. Knowing what your speech should mention is very important – a sample wedding speech is ideal for this.

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Dec 18

The following youtube video shows an example of great wedding speeches

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Dec 12

It is always a great honor to have a position in a wedding party. But the thought of giving a best man speech or a maid of honor speech is almost enough to make you feel like it would be better if someone else could perform the duty.

Planning well in advance is the key to settling your nerves and giving you peace of mind that everything is under control and on track.

Wedding speech examples will give you prompts and ideas and even give you the proper wording for expressing your feelings. If you really are struggling, then you can usually find a complete speech to read out which is suitable or perhaps combine a couple of sample wedding speeches and cut out the bits that don’t sound like you.

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